New course: Using EF Core 6 with Azure Cosmos DB

I’m happy to announce my new Pluralsight course Using EF Core 6 with Azure Cosmos DB!

EF Core is a lightweight and extensible object-database mapper for .NET, and EF Core 6 contains many improvements to the Azure Cosmos DB database provider. This course will teach you how to use the provider in your applications.

It’s a very practical course, packed with code samples, demos, and source code you can download.

Course outline

Understanding Azure Cosmos DB

  • Version Check
  • What to Expect from This Course
  • Why Use Azure Cosmos DB?
  • Demo: Preparing the Cosmos DB Emulator
  • Demo: Creating a Cosmos DB Account in the Azure Portal
  • Module Review

Using the EF Core Azure Cosmos DB Provider

  • Module Overview
  • Understanding the Cosmos DB Provider
  • Configuring the Cosmos DB Provider
  • Demo: Getting Started with the Cosmos DB Provider
  • Configuring the Model
  • Demo: Using a Single Container
  • Demo: Using Multiple Containers
  • Module Review

Understanding Collections and Relations

  • Module Overview
  • Using Collections and Relations
  • Demo: Adding Collections and Relations
  • Demo: Applying Collections and Relations
  • Demo: Embedding Entities
  • Querying Data with LINQ
  • Demo: Adding LINQ Queries
  • Module Review

Managing Concurrency

  • Module Overview
  • Understanding Concurrency Control
  • Demo: Handling Concurrency Conflicts
  • Module Review

Setting up Diagnostics

  • Module Overview
  • Exploring Diagnostic Options
  • Demo: Using a Logger Factory
  • Demo: Handling Context Events
  • Demo: Using an HTTP Client Factory
  • Module Review

Working around Limitations

  • Module Overview
  • Accessing Cosmos DB Directly
  • Demo: Handling Unmapped Properties
  • Demo: Working with Raw SQL
  • Demo: Using the Cosmos Client
  • Module Review

Happy learning!

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