More Azure resources to be thankful for

I had and overwhelming response to my post 12 Resources every Azure developer should know. Some people were also quick to point out that I missed a couple of good ones, and I stumbled upon some new ones myself in the meantime, so I wanted to do a little follow-up. Here goes…

Azure Greg’s Resources on GitHub

I have been following Gregor Suttie aka Azure Greg for a while, but surprisingly, at the time of my previous post, I didn’t know about his great Azure Resources GitHub repository.

It contains exam guides, community resources and a bunch of other stuff. Anyone working with or studying Azure should check it out!

The Developer’s Guide to Azure

This free e-book is for developers and architects that want to get started with Azure.

It goes over the main services and applications on Azure from a developer point of view. It is basically for everyone, even those with no Azure experience.

Cloud Application Architecture Guide

Another free e-book, that teaches you how to design scalable cloud apps, focusing on architecture, design and implementation.

It’s been around for a while, but is still relevant and contains loads of useful design patterns.


CloudSkew is an online diagram editor, free for individual users, and comes preloaded with icons for different platforms, like Azure and AWS.

Diagrams are auto-saved, which means you need to have an account, and can be saved to several formats, shared and printed.

Azure Diagrams Template for Visio

If you’re into Azure diagrams, there’s also a Visio template that you can use, dealing with areas like web application design, network layouts and virtual machine configurations. It contains hundreds of shapes covering almost any Azure scope you can think of.

Note that you need a Visio license to use this template.

Microsoft Learning on GitHub

This often overlooked GitHub collection has labs for all kinds of Microsoft exams, including those for Azure.

You can find labs here that are used by official trainers of Microsoft courses. I used these while preparing for the Azure Architect exams.

Azure Heat Map

This cool website by Alexey Polkovnikov keeps an eye on changes and updates on Azure products, and shows them in a heat map. There are different views, including timelines of service arrivals.

See this video for details on how to use this website to keep up with changes in Azure.


CloudFamily is a new initiative aimed at growing the Azure Community and promoting people and projects.

There’s blogs, study guides, videos and more. Everyone’s welcome and you can add your own blog and ask questions in the Slack channel.

Free April at Pluralsight

Pluralsight is giving away a full month of free access to 7.000+ video courses.

Sign up here!

Azure Weekly

Subscribe here to get your weekly Azure news fix, and follow the Twitter account here.

Global Azure Virtual

There’s so much going on in the Azure community lately, it’s hard to keep up!

One upcoming event I’m looking out for is Global Azure Virtual 2020 UK & Ireland. You can add your own contribution.

Find more events and webinars here.

Azure REST API Reference

Tim Warner is someone to follow if you’re into Azure. He had a nice tip on twitter about the Azure REST API Reference.

The REST API takes you deep into the many Azure services and products, from any application or script that can do an HTTP call. Just register your application with Azure AD, fire up Postman and you’re ready to try out any API.

.NET Documentation – What’s New

Not solely related to Azure, but I want to mention it anyway.

There’s a What’s New section in the Microsoft .NET documentation, that has the latest on additions to the .NET docs. It also takes you to the release notes and updates for related products, like Xamarin and Visual Studio.

Thanks for reading!

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